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Mastering EDF

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Mastering EDF

Postby vpelletier.authen-tic » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:55 am

Hi I may not be at the right place to post about EDF and overall the lack of life here make me doubt even more but I fail to get help with CW chat support about EDF and I may not understand if this is the right tool.

My goal :
- Build a Automate group fed by the result of an advanced search, till there Im ok.
- The search must retrieve all computer who happen to have a file called acomba.exe at a specific location

CW chat support answer :

My issue :
Accros all the documentation I can possibly read in my simple human lifespan I fail to come across a way to auto feed an EDF with a prior search for the specific file mentioned above or anything for that matter. Im feeling like EDF are just a "complex post-it" that I will have to feed manually across a thousand workstation just for it to be obsolete when software is replaced or moved. I am genuinely shocked.
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