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Monitor/Alerting Frequency

Postby jsinclair.ksmbt » Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:42 pm

Hello All, not sure if this is right place to ask this. I have been googleing and looking though forums but just not able to find the button we need to send update alert for an offline system. I see the setting on "Monitor mode and Duplicate alert frequency" but the shortest timeframe is once per day. I am sure someone has asked this but I'm overlooking it or something.

What we have is, when a server goes offline we change the "LT - Offline Servers" monitor send us an email. The next email we will get is that the server is online. Lets say that server was down for a few hours, we want to get an email every 60 minutes until that server is back to a success status of online.

Does anyone have steps to make this happen so we get an reoccurring email every 60 minutes if the server is offline.

Thanks in advanced
Joey Sinclair
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