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Monitoring and Alerting Best Practices

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Monitoring and Alerting Best Practices

Postby dylanm.ntg » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:58 pm


We've been using LabTech for years but have never set up our monitoring and alerting system properly. Most of the alerts/tickets we recieive are seen as useless and ignored, and our management of those that do concern us is poor. Recenty we've decided to stop putting it off and tackle it and I'm the one who's been assigned the task. I have spent over 100 hours on the project so far, and I'm finally at a point where I'm confident that I have enough technical understanding to configure things any way we like. But the problem is that we don't actually know how we want the system configured and it seems very difficult to find official documentation of best practices. We are using ConnectWise (with the plugin configured successfully), and would like to benefit from it as much as possible.

The main options I can picture are
1) Allow all monitors to continue creating tickets, possibly directing them to different service boards in ConnectWise, and just put up with the spam as best we can
2) Determine which monitors we care about, have them create tickets and silence all other monitors
3) Modify all existing monitors which create tickets to raise alerts instead, then go through the alerts and right click to create tickets for ones that need to be addressed

A common problem in all of these scenarious is determining how severe alerts or tickets created by certain monitors are.

Searching the forums has lead me to believe that every company configures their system differently, but I feel like there should be official documentation on how to deal with it from a business perspective. If anyone know of any such resources out there, please let me know. From what I gather, option 1 most closely resembles LabTech's intention for the software.

Otherwise, I would appreciate any suggestions on how I should configure things for now. I only have another week to spend on this.

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