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Alerts getting sent from a "ghost" monitor

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Alerts getting sent from a "ghost" monitor

Postby asloan.lpc » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:25 am

Hey Guys:

This is a multiple question post, but we have a "global" monitor that was created when LabTech was installed (i.e. no manual creation from us) that monitors the agents status and alerts us if the agent goes offline. The problem is the alert email that gets sent is very vague on what machine it is alerting us about. See the example below for how the body and subject of the email looks like now:

Subject: Alerts if state is not Powered On- Failure

Body: Reply to this email to create a new ticket.
ClientID:1 ComputerID:1733

Obviously, I can search for the ComputerID in Labtech and it pulls up the machine. And after getting multiple alerts like this, I know off the top of my head what machine it is talking about. So first question is, where is this monitor?? Based on the people that it goes to, I have narrowed it down to four internal monitors. The problem is that all fours monitors deal with disk space, not if the agent is online or offline.

Secondly, Once the monitor is found, then I would like to customize the monitor to give me the actual client name, the name of the machine and why it is alerting me. See below for the example:

Subject: Alerts if state is not Powered On- Failure

Body: Reply to this email to create a new ticket.
ClientID:Corporate (Client Name) ComputerID:vcenter01 (Machine Name)

Reason for alert: The last heartbeat for this machine was at %DATETIME%. (Or the actual reason for the alert.)

Going forward from that, the ComputerID in question is our vcenter server. My next issue is that the agent heartbeat or signal to say that the agent is online or offline is soo sensitive to any event that happens on that server. For example, I will be going through the process of creating a new virtual machine and watch it get created. Then all of a sudden an alert email goes off (the one above) and one minute later, the next alert email get sent that everything is fine. For anyone that is not familiar with creating a VM in vcenter, the VM is not actually getting created on the vcenter server but on a totally different server. So, question number 2 and 2.1: Why is the agent giving me a basically false positive alert email when it is false and why is the agent soo sensitive to an action that is not being performed on that host but just acting as a proxy?

I am pulling my hair out with this because it makes no sense as to why any of this is happening and support has so far also not been able to find this monitor and give me an explanation to why any of this happens.

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