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Remote Support Software

Postby david.markley.proct » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:12 pm

We finally did it - threw LogMeIn Rescue to the curb. We've tried GoToAssist, LogMeIn Rescue, and TeamViewer, as well as the LabVNC (usually bad performance and last resort) - and while all have their own merits, and some nice features - they all seem to have gaping holes in their products, whether it be compatibility issues, lack of support, or just simply ongoing price to where you're renting a product rather than owning a tool.

We have settled on ScreenConnect - we had trialed it and the other techs liked the simplicity and ease of use. While it's less flashy than other products, it gets the job done, and is definitely more friendly to those who would want to customize and tweak the software a bit (which is perfect for us LabTech Geeks :) ). So, after a bit of personalization, and working on a custom integration script for LabTech (you can find a great starting point here: we have a great looking - very easy to integrate product - to allow our technicians to get working on the problem quickly. Less hoops to jump through for connectivity than LogMeIn Rescue as well, so, anything that can be done to make it easier for users to get connected is a plus for us.

A big driver for us to switch was the fact that we were tired of 'renting' or 'subscribing' to a service rather than simply owning a tool/product. ScreenConnect has a very good value proposition, and with the fact being that you can decide when it's time to trade-in your current license at a pro-rated amount, and get the latest major version is nice. We cut our costs greatly, especially when you factor in ScreenConnect's Unlimited license option where there are no limits based on session count, etc.

Something else is that if you check ScreenConnect's forum threads, support/development is actually listening and responding to feature requests, bug fixes, etc. Take a look at GoToAssist or LogMeIn's forums - not the case.

There are other people here on the forums using this software, but I wanted to add my input, and make sure others can have an opportunity to see this product and try it out to see if it would help their MSP business like it has ours.
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Re: Remote Support Software

Postby josh.adams.devnulltech » Wed Jan 28, 2015 3:25 pm

Thanks for posting this. It sucks that we cant get out of the box stable remote access connector. The other MSP management software providers give a stable solution to its users for free. If we want anything we have to buy it, I find that to be ridiculous. I will look in to this

Thanks again
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Re: Remote Support Software

Postby sbarnes.realtime-it » Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:18 pm

:!: FREE ... -remote-co

oh and this: "LabTech Software's next platform release next month"
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