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Screenconnect not installing on most machines

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Screenconnect not installing on most machines

Postby ntong.fbrice » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:35 pm

Hi all, ive been trying to get this to work across our network for the past week, and have come up empty...

On maybe 15% of our machines, screenconnect works, however it isnt for the rest of the machines.

They are all in the same location, with the same machine image, and machine policies.... So I cant work out why it installs on some, and refuses to on others.

When I go to use screenconnect, on the broken machines, labtech says it isnt installed, then prompts me to install. If I look in the commands tab, I can see the installation in progress, and then complete, however the screenconnect folders never appear in the program files of the machine.

I have also tried updating plugins, which has made no difference.

Is anyone able to tell me the prerequisites of being able to actually install screenconnect on the endpoints via Labtech? As I think the endpoint isnt even getting the install command from labtech as there is nothing in the event logs about a failed install or anything like that.

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Re: Screenconnect not installing on most machines

Postby dbacon.converging » Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:06 pm

Hi Nathan,

I found the same issues with some of the machines in my LT world as well. So far rebooting the systems having issues seems to work. Have your tried that yet?


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