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Permissions and Location Access

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Permissions and Location Access

Postby mprieto.tabinc » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:38 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to fix all user permissions where I work. This is what I have been able to accomplish so far:

1- Create user classes and set permissions.
A- At the user level, the Group Membership is set to All Agents, All Clients, Service Plan and a custom group (all of our client computers reside within the All Agents and All Clients groups)

2- At the Group level, I added my custom user classes to the All Agents group permissions

My problem now is that when I expand a given client and double click at the Location level I only get the Status tab (General, Infor, Deployment & Defaults, Passwords, ignite, etc are all missing)

Then I figured out that I can set the permission at one client level and give access to Locations. I did so and the Location worked for that client (all tabs were available). I then followed the LT instructions and did a clear all permissions and copy permissions. The permissions copied to all other clients and locations, but when I try opening a location on any other client I still only get the Status tab to display.
To make things more strange, I cleared the permissions on all the clients but I still able to view the Location tab for the client I originally set the permissions (when I look at that particular client, no permissions are set)

I am a new to LabTech permissions, but it seems something is wrong. Could anyone please help?
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Re: Permissions and Location Access

Postby mkeigher.choicesolutions » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:41 pm

Hey there,

As you are new to LT I strongly recommend reading a guide that 'someone' :cool: wrote on User Permissions. It can be found here:

This will help you out with the USER LEVEL of the User Permissions and help you better understand how they all work.

As for your location issue, what I would do is:

    Right click on Client ID 1 and select Clear All Permissions.

    Right click on Client ID 1 (yes, again) and select Clear Permissions.

    Go to the Location tab of Client ID 1 (probably your IT shop?) and set everything up as you want it (utilizing your new skills from the awesome post, previous linked, in this post! ;) < shameless plug!, haha!)

    Right click on Client ID 1 (again) and select Copy Permissions.

    Finally, go to the permissions on the All Agents group and set agent level permissions (based on User Classes) there too.
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