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How to switch off Auto Join Groups

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How to switch off Auto Join Groups

Postby paul.iquest » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:28 am

Hi Guys,
I am looking for a way for a new server added to a Location to only pick up the Location Default Group and not the Auto-Join groups.
Is this possible?

Many Thanks
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Re: How to switch off Auto Join Groups

Postby rsiegmund.labtechsoftware » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:21 pm

Modify the search and add a conditional - 'and server name not xyz'. Only do this if you just have one and only one exception to make. If you may have more then add an Extra Data Field, a checkbox, to the Computer screen. Label it 'Exclude from that thing'. Save it.

Now modify that same search, this time instead of 'and the server name's not xyz', you'll select 'and the extra data field isn't checked'.

For an example of this, check how Ignite excludes machines on which you hit the exclude checkbox. Open the search 'Server Role - File Server' (for example). Inspect what this search does. It says: You ARE a file server, you ARE under MSP contract AND you DO NOT have the 'Exclude MSP Contract) EDF checked. I'm suggesting you create that last part.

Does that help?
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Re: How to switch off Auto Join Groups

Postby cbehrend.connectwise » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:36 pm

Good day,

There is not a 'Location Default Group' associated with Locations unless you specifically synced one on the Group level. The automated process will typically add the machines to the 'All Agents', 'All Clients.XYZ', and the 'Agent Types - Windows Server/Workstation/Laptop' and some others based on internal searches. Looking at the 'Effective Policy', you can see the Groups -> Auto Joined by default and the Client group which is automatically synced. You can go through each of these group searches and add an exclusion, but some of these searches are locked by default and will not allow changes.

A majority of the groups are added based on the Location settings by enabling Onboarding, assigning a Service Plan, and placing the machines 'Under MSP Contract' and 'Patching Covered Under Contract'. What might work for you is to create a new Location, do not enable any features and add a machine. You do not have to assign and default actions and you would get a pretty clean server.

Be careful if you do want to build an Exclusion EDF, as certain terms like 'FROM', 'AND', and 'OR' will cause the search to fail, along with certain characters. An example, an EDF named 'Exclude from MSE' would cause issues. Instead use just 'Exclude MSE'.
Chris Behrend
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