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Eset, Screenconnect, and Shadowprotect reporting

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Eset, Screenconnect, and Shadowprotect reporting

Postby lance.familyit » Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:17 pm

Hello all,

I've been looking through the reports as we give our clients a monthly health report each month and I noticed on the Health_Report it shows Remote Sessions as 0 as well as antivirus scans and backup success/fail as 0.

We are using Screenconnect for remote sessions, and managed Eset through Labtech for AV with Shadow protect through Labtech for backups but none of this data seems to come through any health reports.

Is this a feature that will be coming with an update to Labtech anytime soon? Or has anyone found a workaround for getting this information into 1 health report?

Also has anyone found a workaround for how to get good Screenconnect data out of a report or Labtech in general? I did find the plugin_screenconnect_connectionevents table and the plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled table so I can match the SessionID as a unique key per workstation for each connection event which would give me a tally but I haven't found anything that tracks how long each connection is. I would think the connectionevents table should store start time and total time connected for each event as we have clients that would like that.

We do run managed Eset via Labtech ERA etc. What we are looking for here is number of scans per month total, total number of threats blocked or cleaned, and definitions. Definitions I found in one report ESET_Definitions which is good but we need the number of scans and threats cleaned. We have one client is particular who is worried we aren't scanning due to the reports showing 0.

The weekly report is nice, I wish it came in a monthly fashion so we could hand to a client "here is your months worth of backup data" and they can see that everything is working.

If anyone has any ideas, we are trying to get all of that in one succinct monthly report, the regular health items plus AV scans, definitions, threats blocked/removed; SP monthly for each day; and Screenconnect number of sessions and total time for that client. I'm hoping Labtech is working on this for the next update, I know reporting was a big thing they were working on.

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