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New Report System - DevExpress - Dcoumenation?

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New Report System - DevExpress - Dcoumenation?

Postby bmartin.dcsinc » Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:25 pm

Has anyone figured out how to work with the new reporting system in any deeper than changing look of the new reports?

I like the new reporting system, but the LT docs for it are lacking to say the least. Most of what I learned was by finding 3rd docs on DevExpress. One major problem I've not overcame yet:

All reports start their life fed from a set of data. I've looked everywhere in a report and can't find where the criteria that is fed to the report is defined.

As a simple example, I need to make a variation of the patch compliance report, but one that is NOT restricted to only computers that have patching issues. I need to show all computers patch status.

The report is somehow fed a criteria/list of computers where patching =! 100%, changing the report to get what I want would be trivial if I could edit the feeding criteria. I assumed it would be a dataview or SQL code but I can't figure it out and support is of no help, saying reports are out of scope. Making changes like this on the old reporting system was trivial.

Thanks in advance.
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