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Getting started with reporting

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Getting started with reporting

Postby jason.sartorelli.techtonics » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:51 am

Hi all,
We're migrating from our old tools to Automate and as such are trying to get a 'like for like' solution up and running as quickly as possible.
One of the great things with automate is the reporting options, however it's also quite a daunting task to get stuck into.

We can see that we can create a bunch of new reports from templates, we can tweak a bunch of these and put them together to get reports similar to what we currently have. However the task is proving to be quite difficult as we try to navigate around the report builder.

Can someone please provide a few basic pointers on how to:
    Use subreports? to create a larger report containing different elements
    Set the report so the data is selected from a date range - either manually selected on report or based on the last month (in which case we'll use a scheduler)
We're slowly getting around the data fields, properties for each etc - but is there any good guides to set up a few reports at practice? We've completed the training in this area for the report centre, but it seemed to be focused around the user interface only.
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