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BitDefender GravityZone blocking LT agent check in

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BitDefender GravityZone blocking LT agent check in

Postby kmaulden.sconet » Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:55 pm

We've had Automate maybe 3 weeks now, still in implementation. We went with BitDefender Cloud for MSPs (GravityZone) which we purchased through ConnectWise, assuming it would be an easy pairing.

We started rolling Labtech agents out to one of our trial clients, then we rolled out BitDefender to them Thursday. Friday, all agents started dropping offline. We spent all day troubleshooting, opened a high priority ticket with support. A restart of LT services would bring clients back online, but only temporary, they'd drop back off again. Meanwhile ScreenConnect though still works fine. I started doing some testing with BitDefender, and found that if I uninstalled BitDefender, and reinstalled the LT agent, the computer would come back online and stay. So, problem found - BitDefender.

I've added the necessary AV exclusions of course. And doing even further testing, I created a BitDefender policy, disabled EVERYTHING in it, installed BitDefender on a computer and it started dropping offline again. There's zero alerts or anything in BitDefender that it's blocking the connection, yet having BitDefender with NO security services at all running on it STILL is somehow blocking the LT agent communication.

We did have a training session yesterday and our trainer spent the entire hour looking at our issue and couldn't resolve it. I checked the ports BitDefender uses and there don't appear to be any conflicts. So what is going on?

I'm half tempted to go back to my sales guy and telling him I want to swap AV, but I can't believe it should be this difficult. Obviously the combination SHOULD work together... has anyone had any experience with this??
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