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Automating onboarding actions

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Automating onboarding actions

Postby rob.marathonit » Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:09 pm

I'm not particularly new with Labtech, but I still feel like it. If this seems kind of naive, feel free to laugh at me...

I have a series of tasks I perform on new workstations when deploying them for a client. Things like copying certain utilities and tools, installing some stuff, enabling RDP, disabling Sleep mode, etc. etc.

Not all of them can be easily automated, but many can. I know a Windows server can push out software and stuff, but I have some networks with a server and some that are just peer-to-peer and I would have thought that using LT to set up new systems in a consistent manner would be a good idea.

I have some things I do with every single computer I deploy, some things I do to computers at certain locations, some different things for servers, etc.

I'm certain that LT can do this, and I kinda feel like a dunce for not only not knowing how to do this, but not even being able to find it in the documentation.

Is what I want to do sensible? Are others out there using a different method for automatically setting up new workstations?

I appreciate any suggestions...
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Re: Automating onboarding actions

Postby mschnell.solidtech » Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:30 am

We're working through this process now too.

The tack we've taken is to create a bunch of little scripts that do single purpose things and then create a "mainline" script to rule them all for each customer.

So.. I have little scripts that do things like
-uninstall bloatware
-remove stupid menu items
-install office
-install other software
-set WOL
-patch until done
-domain join

And then I create one script that in turn calls the others (and waits accordingly to move on).

There's still issues to work out, but for the most part, we can setup a computer, remove the AV that comes with the machine, install the labtech agent and run the script... in about 2 hours (depending on update needs) the computer's turned off and ready to go to the client.
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