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StorageCraft Plugin (2.0.11008.17) - LT 11 (Patch 11)

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StorageCraft Plugin (2.0.11008.17) - LT 11 (Patch 11)

Postby shayes.msinetworks » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:12 pm

So, had a lot of back and forth with other people in regards to this plugin (well, primarily its predecessor) over the past year or so. And I just can not get it to work.

After getting a little contradictory information from support techs and what-have-you, was able to pinpoint the exact versions necessary for the plugin to 'see' SPX/ImageManager from the Automate Documentation. (SC Support said that we would need to be SPX 6.5 and the latest IM by March - yet the plugin will only support SPX 6.2.X and IM 7.0.2, at the latest)

Uninstalled ImageManager on one of our Cloud BDRs, and ran the ImageManager Install script in LabTech to ensure the right version was installed. Rebooted the Server.

Now, the StorageCraft Plugin will 'see' that ImageManager is installed, which is a step forward - but it will not populate the Managed Folder information, no matter how many times I reload the Control Center/Remote/DBAgent. Is there something on the Server that needs to be adjusted so that the plugin can communicate with the software? there something inside of LabTech that needs to be done?

After months of trying to get this to, I'm beginning to lose hope that it ever will.
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