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Autotask not closing tickets in Labtech

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Autotask not closing tickets in Labtech

Postby james.teamspring » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:02 pm

Am I missing something? We are on 2013, and the latest Autotask Plugin. I love the new plugin!

Isn't there a way that when I close a ticket in Autotask it should be closed in Labtech? It stinks to have to Complete a ticket in Autotask with the note and/or time info and then go back to Labtech and close the ticket again.

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Re: Autotask not closing tickets in Labtech

Postby ljones.labtechsoftware » Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:37 pm

From the AutoTask Basic Setup doc: ... e%7C_____1

AutoTask Requirements:

Set up the Extension Callout in Autotask®.
From Autotask®, select Admin > AutotaskExtend > Extensions > Extension Callout.
Click New Extension Callout. Add a 'LabTech Ticketing' extension callout with the URL of Replace YourFQDN with the FQDN of your LabTech server (e.g.,
Select 'LabTech ID' in the Service Ticket User-Defined field.
Select 'POST' in the HTTP Transport Method.
Select 'Name Value Pair' in the Data Format drop-down.
Click Save and Close.

If this is not completed in AT - the status callback to LT server will not be made. Also - make sure your LT server is setup to listen on either port 80 or port 443. AutoTask Security did add one custom outbound port to 2610. Any other ports outbound from the AT cloud are restricted. So if your LT server was listening on port 81 for example - that would not be supported by AT.
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