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Windows 10 Feature Releases with LT Patch Management?

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Windows 10 Feature Releases with LT Patch Management?

Postby tmcmurry.eci » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:48 pm

I'm looking for input here on how to use Labtech Patching for Windows 10 Feature Releases.

Presently, we successfully use Patch Management on three Windows 10 releases - even when a client has variation in the version of windows 10 feature releases installed in the same environment.

We're also moving to the CBB methodology with the monthly cumulative update and update rings. This part is actually easy to do and manage. Clients go into rings (aggressive/conservative) and week 1-4 distribution after we dogfood it internally.

Dealing with heterogenous Windows 10 feature releases seems easy as well. We just approve the CBB patch release for the 3 supported feature releases (noting that RTM is now EoL/Unsupported). Each workstation takes the appropriate CBB and if we accidentally try to patch an OS with a KB from a different feature release, we get an error message - no harm, no foul.

The problem is - I haven't found a way to move a Windows 10 feature release from one version to another. In WSUS, this is as simple as choosing the feature upgrade KB and setting approval for it and deploy according to whatever methodology works for you. This seems to be missing (or I haven't found it) in LabTech, so I can authorize older versions of Windows 10 to take the upgrade patch to the next feature release.

Said another way... since all Windows 10 RTM are now EoL, we face the need to have to get them to at least v1511 to stay in the CBB and receive patches. How do we do that?

Win10 v1507 -> Upgrade to v1511 -> Apply "current" CBB patch

I can do the red part in WSUS, but with LT it's a giant question mark. Any advice & guidance would be most helpful. Microsoft's guidance is to use WSUS/SCOM. So what can SCOM do that LT can't (or maybe it does, but it's not obvious). There doesn't seem to be a guide on how to handle feature releases with LT in the knowledgebase.
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Re: Windows 10 Feature Releases with LT Patch Management?

Postby teamits » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:13 pm

As I recall we were able to install the 1511 update through LT patching. However with 1607 and 1703, LT (Windows Update) reports success but the feature update KB doesn't install (still Missing). Testing with 1607, a manual install always worked so it wasn't an error during installation. I'm guessing Windows depends on the "select a time to restart" or something and doesn't know how to kick that off in the background.

If you open Windows Update and click the "learn more" link about "info on the latest updates" you get to ... te-history which has a link to the Creators Update. A couple links later you get to ... /windows10 which has the Update Assistant. On the list someone posted that "Windows10Upgrade.exe /QuietInstall /SkipEULA" works and it does, with caveats. It will start the upgrade and then start its 30 minute countdown timer in the background. Since no one cancels it, in 30 minutes the user sees a warning that the PC will reboot, and within a minute or so it does.

Another alternative is to turn on automatic Windows Updates for a while, and let it update itself. Obviously that is an issue for PCs that are off during that time.
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